Francois Marine & Offshore sustainability work is focused on issues related to the environment, safety, community involvement and employees.  

Environment and Corporate Social Responsibility

We are committed to a policy of conserving the environment, adopting the latest environmental standards and going beyond what is required by regulations and legislation. 

Socially responsible practices in our global network of services include giving opportunities to local suppliers and vendors, packaging with recyclable materials, reduction of waste, and providing a healthy and safe storage for products.

To advocate and ensure social and environmental responsibilities are integrated into our procurement and purchasing processes, we request our suppliers to cooperate and understand the socially responsible operating procedures of Francois Marine & Offshore. During our evaluation, we clearly state our expectations in areas such as compliance, human rights, labor and safety, the environment and quality, and safety.


Francois Marine & Offshore has a zero-accident vision and makes safety a priority in order to safeguard the work environment for employees and customers. 


Our employees are pivotal in delivering sustainable outcomes for our business, our customers and the societies in which we operate. In turn, we care for our onshore and offshore workforces.