Sustainability initiatives rolled out

22nd Aug 2019

Francois Marine and Offshore is working towards reducing its carbon footprint by implementing more environmentally focused changes to the business.

A number of initiatives have been introduced in Singapore business activities in 2019 creating cost savings and improving sustainability.

These include a fuel transition from diesel to biodiesel within its vehicle supply fleet, alternative non-plastic products and the replacement of plastic pallet wrapping with bio-degradable wrapping for product transportation.

A new wooden pallet returns scheme and a reduction in utilities energy have also been introduced.

Peter Boras, Francois Marine and Offshore, Global Head, said: “A team was set up here in Singapore to look at how we can better reduce our carbon footprint and become even more sustainable in our operations.

“The new initiatives thus far have been very effective and have already demonstrated a reduction in energy usage and plastic consumption leading to a knock-on cost saving.

“The Marine landscape is demanding more focus on how we impact the environment and now our clients are becoming more conscious of reducing plastic usage and therefore they expect the same from us as their supplier. We have developed and have available a range of environmentally friendly product options - be it alternatives to plastics or biodegradable products such as cleaners and detergents – for them to consider.”

Sustainability is a key objective throughout Stena AB with all companies working to achieve respective and collective objectives.