Marine and Offshore Supplier

As a marine and offshore specialist, we source and supply a wide range of stores and equipment to all types of vessels such as:

  • General marine equipment, oilfield equipment, safety equipment, lifting equipment, welding equipment, rigging equipment, anchor chains, mooring ropes, steel wire ropes, general hardware, electrical and electronic items, hand tools, pipes & valves, cleaning materials, chemicals, laundry, nautical charts & publications, general consumables, fresh & frozen provisions, dry goods, bonded stores, personal items and any other requirements.

Francois Marine also specializes in the supplies of initial fill orders to all types of vessels either at local ports or off port limits. For new builds or other replenishments in other shipyards or locations, we source, supply, consolidate, pack and ship the goods in containers from Singapore to any other locations.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

As our business grows with the support of our valued customers, we continually strive to improve our efficiency and effectiveness on integrating our key business processes. Our focus is to create value for our customers and to always deliver goods on time every time. In our niche segment, we are providing Logistics Support Services to Stena DrillMAX Drillships in Samsung Heavy Industries Shipyard as well as other worldwide locations in North Africa, West Africa, South America, Caribbean, Mediterranean, South East Asia and Australasia where the Drillships operate after leaving the Shipyard.

Additionally, we handle ship spares in transit either for consolidated delivery or short/long term storage in our warehouse, receiving and inspection checks of goods, packing, marking, labeling, expediting, shipping and creating manifest of stores.

Catering Management

Francois Marine has grown their business area by expanding the Catering Division. In the past, we had secured contracts in Catering Management for supply boats and deep sea vessels. Currently, we have contracts to provide catering services to drill ships, semi-submersible rigs and a diving support vessel.

We have an experienced team with the ability, knowledge and commitment in providing a comprehensive, innovative, cost effective offshore catering, hotel keeping services. Our goal is to always provide good menus with choice of varieties and a safe, clean, healthy and contented environment for personnel working onboard vessels. We aim to be the “best in class” on all our client’s vessels.

Procurement and Handling Agents

As a procurement and handling agents for our clients, we take care of purchases by sourcing locally and overseas. All goods are sent to our warehouse for coordination, consolidation and shipped out on a weekly basis. This has created net value for our customers with cost savings and effective way of controlling their stock inventory.

All goods are inspected upon receipt and consolidated with proper markings and labels by different departments for easier retrieval and identification of stock by our clients. As we have access to our client’s purchasing system, the purchase orders are issued by us and goods received in their purchasing system.

Product agent

Francois Marine is an authorized distributor of RS Components for Marine & Offshore Industries in Singapore. RS is the world’s largest distributor of electronics and maintenance products serving 1.5 million customers across the world, owning operations in 29 countries and distributors in a further 33 markets. We are proud to be the business partner with RS Components.